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- Das Fundament -

Sustainable Strategy

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recall the concept of strategy and its role in ensuring successfuland sustained organisational performance.
  • Identify the concept of strategy and its role in ensuring successful and sustained organisational performance.
  • Recognize how blue ocean strategy thinking could be a tool forbuilding strategies that provide competitive advantage.

Key Topics:

  • Concept of strategy
  • Strategic optimization with SFA
  • Blue Ocean Strategy


Course Details:

Succeed with the right strategy

To maintain a competitive advantage for your business, understand why effective planning is needed for both "red oceans" (or well-known market spaces) and "blue oceans" (the unknown).

Business models must adapt to changes that are sustainable, feasible, and accessible as part of their business strategy. In this course, you will learn strategic optimisation and how it helps with sustaining successful and business performance.


Acquire new skills to demonstrate your proficiency

  • Understand the SFA framework.
  • Use the framework for strategic objectives.
  • Use the blue ocean strategy for competitive advantage.
  • Understand implications for business leaders.

Gain experience with practical exercises

Using case studies, exercises and scenarios, this course will give you the tools necessary to successfully implement strategic decisions in your business model.