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Robotic Process Automation Fundamentals

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize what RPA is and its business value on accounting and finance functions
  • Identify the opportunities and use cases for automation
  • Recognize the decision criteria needed to build a business case
  • Recognize key risks and challenges that need to be addressed before implementing RPA
  • Recognize the governance and controls considerations for addressing automation risks
  • Recognize the key components to implementing RPA
  • Recognize the accounting, finance and operational process implications of RPA
  • Recognize audit implications associated with RPA
  • Recognize future trends of automation

Key Topics:

  • RPA technology
  • Business processes for automation
  • Decision criteria for a business case
  • RPA implementation
  • Proof-of-concept criteria
  • Center of Excellence model
  • Human and digital workforce roles
  • RPA implications on accounting, finance and operational processes
  • Difference between RPA and traditional automation

Course Details:

Fundamentals for the competitive advantage

This three-part certificate program focuses on robotic process automation (RPA) benefits and how the use of software robots can help your business or clients become more competitive and agile. You will gain an understanding of the risks, opportunities and organizational impact of automation while learning the decision criteria and key considerations needed to build a business case and run a successful proof-of-concept. We will also explore the steps and governance needed to implement or advise clients on how to implement RPA successfully.

Who Will Benefit

  • Non-IT finance professionals
  • CFOs
  • Controllers
  • Management accountants
  • Public accountants
  • Partners