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- Das Fundament -

Data Analytics Core Concepts Certificate

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define the characteristics of an analytical and data-driven mindset
  • Recognize how to establish objectives and desired outcomes of a data analytics project for a business or client
  • Recognize ways data is described and interpreted
  • Describe the types and categories of data
  • Recognize how data science and data analytics are connected
  • Recognize characteristics of the technology and data ecosystem for data analytics

Key Topics:

  • How to develop a data-driven mindset
  • How to approach a data analytics project
  • Understanding data and the data ecosystem

Course Details:

Turn data into insights

Learn core concepts in data analytics and how to conduct data analytics projects in your organization.

Be prepared to be effective no matter how your organization or industry changes by understanding key concepts — from framing the problem and defining the scope to understanding organizational requirements and gaps to effectively working with key stakeholders.


Data-driven mindset

Develop the right mindset to help identify the problem and then recommend data-driven solutions.

Understanding data

Understand the language of data analytics so you can communicate effectively about data analytics in your organization.

Real-world scenarios

Using three scenarios covering revenue analysis, financial planning and analysis, and business performance, see how data analytics can be applied in practice.